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Limited responsibility

These internet pages have been designed with the purpose to provide general information regarding GVO Company. Internet pages’ content has informational purpose only. GVO does not take any responsibilities for accuracy and completeness of published information or it is not liable for any kind of damage, caused to any user of information, provided on these internet pages. We assume the right users of these internet pages to redirect to other internet pages on World Wide Web and do not take any responsibility for their content. Maintaining the content of these internet sides, GVO will try to ensure accuracy and correctness of these information but we do not guarantee or take any responsibility for their accuracy and completeness. GVO has the right to change, update or remove internet pages partly or completely without pre-warning and we do not take any responsibility for consequences of doing so.


All information and images on these internet pages are the subject of copyright or other means of protection of intellectual property. It is allowed to reproduce these issues only for noncommercial use under the condition, copyright notices remain. GVO has to be stated as a source in case of reproduction.

Privacy protection

GVO ensures that it will protect personal information of users of these internet pages. All information collected will be used exclusively for improving our internet pages and other purposes users will be sending their personal information. Personal data and contact information will not be used for purposes, other than stated by the user or used without user permit. Personal data and contact information will not be revealed to third party. All possible actions will be taken to prevent potential misuse of users’ personal data and information.


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