Ponujamo celovite projektantske in upravne storitve s področij telekomunikacij, elektroenergetike, fotovoltaike in upravnih postopkov.

We offer comprehensive design and administrative services in the areas of telecommunications, electricity, photovoltaics and administrative procedures.
Creation of technical documentation (IDP, PGD, PZI, PID) for cable telecommunication networks:
Design of telecommunication networks of all types (copper, optical in classic and micro versions)

Relocation, protection of existing TC lines when building the rest of the public infrastructure (roads, railways, urban conduits
Planning of internal installations in buildings
Getting approvals for project documentation, easemnents and all the necessary permits for the start of the construction project
Creation of technical documentation (IDP, PZI, PGD, PID) for the electrical network:
Design of low voltage electricity networks
Planning of electrical connections
Design of internal installations in buildings ( electrical installations for lighting, power, lightning rod, antenna systems, intercoms and alarm systems, installations for telephony and computing in industrial, commercial and residential facilities)
Lighting of roads, streets and other municipal facilities
Getting approvals for project documentation, easements and all the necessary permits to start construction
Creation of project-technical documentation (IDP, PZI, PGD, PID) for photovoltaic systems:
Planning and design of solar power plants.
Obtaining all necessary approvals and permits for the installation of solar power plants on facilities and directly on the land, connection to the electricity grid.
Acquiring building permits, where necessary.
We also offer the following services:
Construction supervision in the construction of all TC networks and associated infrastructure, Electrical networks, solar power plants, electrical installations
Collection of easements (natural and legal persons) for any construction work on land
Counseling for the construction of new optical telecommunication networks and the introduction of new technologies
Supervision according to the requirements of the ZGO in the area of ​​telecommunications and electricity infrastructure
Qualitative inspections of telecommunications and electricity networks


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