S področja telekomunikacijske infrastrukture ponujamo celovite rešitve na ključ

In the area of telecommunication infrastructure we are providing complete solutions, including preparing infrastructure design, acquiring adequate permits and other necessary documentation, construction and montage activities as well as detail technical documentation of the finished infrastructure.
Preparing infrastructure design documentation:
Designing of telecommunication networks according to regulations of RS
Designing in-house installations
Obtaining adequate permits and other necessary documentation

Performing Construction and installation works
Construction of all TC networks (optical, copper, coax)
Building cable ducts
Building structured wirings in objects (LAN)
Activation of TC connections and building in-house installations
Building and montage of railway and highway TC infrastructure
Building of base stations for mobile telephony
Reconstructions of TC cable networks
Building and hauling of fiber-optic and copper cable networks
Blowing fiber-optic cables
Jointing and termination of all types of TC cables
Measurements on TC cables networks

Maintenance works
Preventive and curative maintenance TC cable networks
Protection and rerouting of TC networks

Network Management
Management of open broadband and other TC networks


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