mag. Darko Gradišnik, CEO

Before his mandate as the Chief Executive Officer Borut Radi was the head of the Design, Surveying, Development and Economics unit, responsible also for controlling and finances, quality and organization of processes. He started his career in Gorenje and continued gaining new experiences in bankig, where he worked in area of IT and business informatics. While he was an employee of Banka Celje, he gained his first experiences with leading complex projects from area of informatics. He stayed in Banka Celje for eleven years and then continued his career in Hypo-Alpe-Adria Group, where he was part of the team which established Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank Ljubljana and her entire information system (SWIFT, e-bank etc.). Before he took the lead as executive director of Area of Organization and Informatics in SCT d.d., he led the managing key operational risks and managing information security in Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank International A.G., Klagenfurt. Mr. Radi has an university diploma from economy and is a holder of many international and Slovene licenses from area of security and revision of information systems.

mag. Darko Gradišnik, director of Construction Operating Unit

  Mr Gradišnik has more than twenty years of experiences in area of construction and maintenance of telecommunicating networks. He started his career in area of complex measures on telecommunicating networks in PTT Company. He was the head of GVO’s Maribor-Murska Sobota Construction Centre. He also developed many information solutions, which were used for optimizing processes in GVO company. He has a university diploma from Electrotechnics engineering and a magisterium from IT.

Roman Mazi, director of Sales and Marketing Unit

Mr. Mazi has long year’s experiences in various management positions in international companies which he gained mainly abroad. He started his career in the company Kompas Consulting as a CFO in their Russian subsidiary in Krasnojarsk. He continued his career as a project manager for projects in Russia for the company Impakta d.d., Ljubljana. From 1998 till 2010 he was employed in the biggest Slovenian oil company Petrol, where he started as a commercialist and soon after he took the position as the head of oil derivatives procurement department. Between 2003 and 2007 he was a CEO of the Petrol BH Oil Company in Sarajevo BIH. During his employment in Petrol he was also management board consultant, responsible for southeast market as well as a head of foreign markets department. He has a diploma in economics.



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