The fast development of technology means changes in both the methods of implementing work and the basic working tools and technical equipment. Our competitive advantage is the use of the state of the art equipment that receives a great deal of attention and is constantly updated. We are distinguished by our modern vehicle fleet and comprehensive equipment used for works on telecommunications and electro energetic cable networks.

Our vehicle fleet contains around 300 various purpose vehicles among which cargo vehicles, some of them with a crane, pickups, multi-purpose vehicles with specially, adjusted and fitted with complete equipment for work on fiber-optic cable networks, as well as personal vehicles. The vehicles are fitted with all the necessary equipment enabling the performance of comprehensive procedures for correcting faults on all types of telecommunications cable networks, which gives us high mobility.

We own specialized equipment for blowing and hauling all types of telecommunications and electro energetic cables, equipment for cable jointing, equipment for measurements on networks, equipment for locating and eliminating networks faults and equipment for surveying scans.

We also use special mechanical equipment to dig trenches forcible ducts, which enables the fast and cost-effective performance of work, as well as ensuring the comprehensiveness of our services, which also include sometimes unavoidable construction work.


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