Our offer

We implement comprehensive services in the area of the design, construction and maintenance of telecommunications and electro energetic cable networks.

We specialize in:

  • Long-distance fiber-optic cable networks
  • Fiber-optic cable FTTH (Fiber to the home) networks
  • Copper cable networks
  • Coaxial cable networks
  • Internal wiring for commercial and residential buildings
  • Electrical installations (weak and heavy current)
  • Electrical and mechanical equipment for tunnels
  • Telecommunications infrastructure for the railway network
  • Base stations for mobile telephony


We offer:

  • The design of telecommunications and electro energetic cable networks of all types
  • The construction of telecommunications cable networks
  • Construction of cable duct systems
  • The construction of structured wiring systems for facilities (LAN)
  • The activation of telecommunications connections and the construction of house installations
  • Complete solutions for building construction (construction, electricity, telecommunications and machine installation services)
  • The supply and installation of terminal measuring boxes and distribution boards
  • The construction of street lighting
  • Electric and mechanical equipment for road and other tunnels
  • Reconstruction of telecommunications cable networks
  • Preventive and curative maintenance of telecommunications and electro energetic cable networks
  • Major maintenance and repairs of telecommunications and electro energetic cable networks
  • The protection and rerouting of telecommunications and electro energetic cable networks
  • Cable laying and hauling for fiber-optic or copper cable networks
  • Blowing fiber-optic cables
  • Jointing and termination of all types of telecommunications and electro energetic cables
  • Measurements on telecommunications and electro energetic cables
  • The management of open broadband networks
  • The installation of UPS systems and power supply
  • Land surveying services


We provide comprehensive and quality solutions at competitive prices. This makes us confident that we deserve your trust.


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