Geodetic services

Ponujamo celovite geodetske storitve za fizične in pravne osebe.

We offer comprehensive geodetic services for natural and legal persons.
We specialize in the following types of geodetic services:
Labeling of parcel boundaries
Parcelation (division or merging of land plots)

Leveling of land plot boundaries

Creation of geodetic plans
Determination of land under a building
Entry of the building into the building cadastre
Recording of the networks and objects of the public economic infrastructure
Staking of buildings
Search and identification of the existing unregistered infrastructure
Creation of the cadastre documentation
Creation of the executive technical documentation
Implementation of geodetic recording
Field acquisition of spatial data with methods by order of the investor or the client
Creation of certified geodetic plans

Creation of geodetic bases for design
Implementation of stakings of designated public utility lines on the ground
Implementation of stakings of existing municipal infrastructure on the ground
Obtaining consent for easement rights


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